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  1. I am planning on replacing the fork seals on my 99' techno, and was wondering what kind of fork oil should be used. Still has the stock Paioli forks, any help would be appreciated
  2. I wouldn't say that I am new to trials, but I have only been riding motorcycles for about a year and a half, and I have been riding trials for about a year. My first motorcycle was a 1978 yamaha IT 175, and I still have it. I ride a 1999 Beta Techno 250, and it seems to be doing well for an older bike, but i am looking for something newer. I go and ride every chance I get (when my bike isn't broken or being worked on). I have cracked the swingarm, the rear wheel has been broken, and i have broken a set of bars. I dont know if that is a lot that has happened in the past year, but it seems like every old bike has problems. I ride in the ameature class, and am considering moving up to intermediate, but i think i need a newer bike to keep up. that is a lot about me, but it pretty much sums up what i have done in trials so far.
  3. I used RTV
  4. hello, I started riding last year,and got my first bike ('99 Techno) last year. I started having trouble with the kick sterter and shift lever a couple months ago. I replaced both springs, and put fresh ATF in ,and am still having problems. Any help is appreciated