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  1. Ive heard mixed feedback of people getting their 09 frames and swingers replaced. Some places want to see a fault and some are jsut replacing them as a preventative measure. Are there any places that someone is willing to share that is leaning towards the latter? Im almost certain my swinger is cracked and jsut want it all sorting in one go really.
  2. I'd ridden Cowm on my scorpa all day and it sipped fuel. I was jsut paranoid about the smell of fuel all day and was hunting for a cracked frame and fuel leak. I guess i should hve fueled up after 2 laps. We took so long on the first lap we just cracked on before it got dark. I wont make the same mistake again. Dropping a 3 or even 5 on a section cleaned all day.
  3. Hi, I did my second trial on the weekend with my 09 evo 250. Absolutely loved it despite it being very muddy and slippy. I fell on my ass twice just walking back to the bike to ride a section. I started 11am with a full tank of petrol. 10 sections which were small and 4 laps. The times i put the bike down i turned off the fuel and all day i could smell strong petrol smell. Being an 09 i was paranoid about a snapped frame and looking for cracks but found nothing. I couldnt see anything out of the overflow at the time either. At about 2:30 i ran out of fuel on a hill climb. I switched to reserve to finish just 3 sections and rode back and rand out of the reserve too! Im pretty sure my first trial i didnt have the same problem but i guess ill check the float height as a start. Any ideas other than that?
  4. Well I installed the correct ones last night. For anyone attempting this and doesn't know let me share a tip albeit obvious to most. On my KTM it was possible to move the inner spindle just out the way to get a drift in from the other side. On the beta this was not the case but it was possible to fit a smaller socket to the inside of the bearing and hit the lip of the spindle to knock the bearing out on the other side. I applied heat to the other side before bashing away.
  5. Thanks for that. i have for sure got the effected frame but i cant spot a leak just yet. I'll keep an eye out for it though for sure.
  6. So i bought this 2009 Evo in the knowledge that i knew about the problems and that i would be able to get them sorted still. When i viewed it i saw the below and thought it could jsut be normal or dirt. Lampkins said they will only replace the frame if its leaking fuel, is this the common consensus? I checked the swingarm and found that on the underside underside the cups there was some silicone sealing one of the welds. I didnt want to pick it off to look for cracks as i had a trial the next day. Is this norm or should i rip it out to look? Cheers Jon
  7. Bearings have arrived and quite wee is not the word. They are tiny! no way these are the right ones! (61901 / 6901) Oh well, i'll get the wheel off and soon see
  8. A guy also told me that the standard codes will likely say 2RS (2 rubber seals) he said always pay more and get the 2SS (2 stainless seals) and you wont have to worry about them for longer.
  9. Hi, I just picked up a clean 2009 evo 250. Yes its the snappy frame and swinger model but it looks ok to me for now The rear wheel bearing needs sorting out do i got the part number from the parts list 61904. Thinking back to when i did my KTM i was told to buy a decent third party bearing to the same spec. Then i was told to buy the full KTM kit which included dust covers and the internal spacer. Whats the craic with these then? Just grab a decent make one from Ebay orr off to the stealer? Anything else i should watch for or have spare in my toolbox? BTW the map switch, 1 is full power right? Cheers Jon
  10. Thanks for the replies. I'll stick to the plan and go for a 250 but not rush into an upgrade
  11. Hi, My current trials iron is a Scorpa SY 250. I enjoy riding it but it feels like a bit of a lump after using a Beta Evo 4t on a trails experience day. Im 5'7 and about ahem, top end of 13st so assumed id be looking for a 250. My other bike is a KTM 200 EXC and is more than capable for me. Should i stick to a 250 or might a 125 have enough power to play with? Cheers Jon
  12. wow. I wished mine looked like that. The clown that owned mine last painted the plastics and its all cracked and looking crap now. anyone know a safe way to get the paint off?
  13. any chance of a linky to the one you bought? something like this?
  14. Hi, The wife fancies a day out on the scorpa while I'm on the ktm. Does anyone know of a cheap way of getting a seat pad on there that isn't too low? I'm sure I read about a small cc mx bike seat 'working' Jon
  15. That's good to know. I should be one of the first people to get my leg over the free-rider so i'll put up a post when its here. There is a cracking little MTB track not far away from me. My plan is to use that when its quiet. To a total newbie, here is a good write up on lipo's