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  1. New Beta Evo - Possible Lean Condition

    I appreciate your reply which helped me see things in perspective. but it was my intent to get people to read it as I know a lean condition is a very serious issue. for all that got upset, you're not alone.... I'm unable to learn in couples therapy that 'tone is important',
  2. New Beta Evo - Possible Lean Condition

    I think I get what you are saying but I just don't think that glues that break down with fuel should be used on a carb. actually I don't think they should have used any glue at all. it just makes their assembly quicker. and I am not saying it is my problem, I'm trying to say that I think its a problem.
  3. New Beta Evo - Possible Lean Condition

    it was not and white waxy build up but I know what you mean this is simply the contact adhesive used to hold the O-ring in place 'melting' into goo. agreed that cleaning the carb is good maintenance, except this is on bikes with single digit hours on them.
  4. New Beta Evo - Possible Lean Condition

    Not sure what your fuel is made of. But if it can soften contact adhesive then it might be worth an actual visual inspection. ive never seen the bowl O-ring glued down before. Glad you don't have issues.
  5. New Beta Evo - Possible Lean Condition

    I've modified title. Was thinking its Major to run 2T lean. Not sure how you would know if there was an issue without a visual. To me it's 2 for 2. Even 1 is too many. Just meant to warn of issue that can destroy your engine.
  6. Hi, Sorry if this is a repost but I searched and didn't find a similar one. My buddy bought a brand new 2016 Beta Evo 300 Factory 2T. Almost immediately it starting running poorly. Then, when warmed up, it would only run with the choke on. I thought the pilot was clogged. Opened the carb out in the desert and the pilot was clogged, you couldn't see sunlight thru the pilot hole. I noticed that the O-ring that seals the bowl to the carb had 'goo' oozing out. Please remember this is a brand new, never modified bike. So we sacrificed some earbud wires and used the thin wires and brake cleaner to get the goo out of the pilot jet. The goo was on the wires so I know this is what was clogging the pilot jet. Took out the carb bowl special O-ring [ insert proper name] out of the bowl. It was covered in a cheap contact adhesive type glue. I guess they factory, maybe carb manufacturer, had an issue with the gaskets staying in place so they used this cheap glue. I don't see how engineering would have approved this but I'm just talking out my @ss here. Cleaned the bowl recess and O-ring and reassembled. Fired up and ran perfect. I sent a long email to Beta and never heard back. Not a Thanks for the email or We'll look into it. Told the dealer and they said they never heard of anything like that. Story continues.... I liked my buddies bike a lot so bought the same exact bike. Before riding I took carb apart and it had the same issue of the carb O-ring being held in place with cheap contact adhesive type crap. So I cleaned it all up and reassembled. I didn't bother emailing and being ignored by Beta again. Told the dealer and he said he would check one on his showroom floor but I don't know the outcome. The reason for my post here is to alert you folks so that you do not get into a situation were your bike is running lean. It thinks its better if it just stops running versus running lean because you cant ruin an engine that's not running. I cant imagine the fuel or premix was the problem. I was running Motul 800 but have since switched to Liqui Moly. To me it just seems like a 'shade-tree-mechanic' or 'bootleg' or whatever slang fits in your area fits for poor workmanship and lack of thought. Well that's it. Cheers. tuts
  7. Shock Options For '05 2.9

    When I look at the costs , and what you get, rebuilding just doesn't pencil out. I'll get an Ohlin's and then I can get a +20% shock spring also. Thanks to all for the advice, I appreciate it.
  8. Good Idea, I'll check around. Thanks
  9. It seems that '05 and below you cant get +10% +20% springs. I'm wondering if it might be work it to swap the forks for the newer ones, '06 and up. I'm going to look around for a set but it will probably cost too much.
  10. Shock Options For '05 2.9

    Does the pic show what brand? Its a small pic of a label but maybe someone knows.
  11. The problem I'm having is that Splat says only 2006 and up have access to +10% +20% springs. I'm going to decode the VIN number to verify what year I have. I believe its a 2005 so that just misses it. Thanks tuts
  12. Shock Options For '05 2.9

    Hello, I am looking for information about the different options I have for the rear shock. From what I've read, it seems the original is difficult to rebuild, if at all, and not the good to begin with. Any information or leads/links would be greatly appreciated. Thanks The pic is the one that I have in the bike now. But I honestly don't know what I'm looking at.
  13. Hello, I have a 2005 Sherco 2.9. I'm looking for some heavier springs similar to what is available for GasGas. If you know of anyone that can supply, or produce, these springs please let me know. Thanks in Advance tuts
  14. Hello & Cheers ! Just a quick hello. I'm new to this site. I've been riding dirt bikes for decades and trials for about 6 years. Trials is definitely my favorite with the note that I don't ride like "real" trials riders. I basically ride the nasty stuff but always keeping moving. I live in Las Vegas, NV, USA and the riding here is nothing like you might think. It's extremely varied and nearly endless miles upon miles of riding areas. I had an '01 GasGas TXT280 and it was a good bike. I now have a '05 Sherco 2.9 which I like more than the GasGas. tuts