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  1. I think the answer is in the list price (2000) PRICE: 246cc Greeves Challenger engine 2000 ready to fit: �1950 + VAT
  2. The rear loop was like that when I brought it.
  3. Hi the bike in the link was mine (sold last year)it was registered some time in 1965 frame number 161 , so if your frame number is before that could be 1964.
  4. I think that price is from 17 years ago
  5. I am in need of wiring diagram and setting up instruction for electronic ignition from Greeves Motorcycles which has been fitted to my Greeves 20TC villiers 9E trials bike it has 12v /85w on flywheel .Any help and info gratefully receivied. Simon
  6. Try Steve at Simon
  7. Well done Joe Baker 1st on day one 3rd on day 4 .Brilliant ride
  8. I think this is the bike you are talking about ,according to Don Morley`s two stroke trials book the forks legs are Betor as used by Bultaco.
  9. Simon Bateman is still trading as Nametab only engineering side having sold all his spare to Villiers Services
  10. Try Peter James Insurance ,I have insured both my unregd Greeves Laid up covers fire and theft and a Yamaha IT175 fully comp for £88
  11. Sorry about that I should have said both of the banana forks in the photos (B/W & colour) are banned its the Leading Link forks that are allowed.
  12. There are 2 types of Greeves banana forks the ones Deryk put on came out in late1965 and the first ones as in photo
  13. Greeves banana forks came out in 1965 on the TGS Anglian 50+ years ago ,alot of the tele forks used in the Scottish Pre 65 were made in 2014/2015 but are allowed WHY?
  14. In 2012 Mike Tizard was not allowed to use original Banana Forks on his Greeves in the trial but was able to use Trick Fiddle Teles !!!