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  1. Older Beta 80 oil level check

    I have an older Beta 80 (with the cable clutch), all the newer manuals tell me to check the oil level with the sight glass...but I don't have one. Nor do I have a filler cap. How do I check levels and fill it?
  2. Beta 80 evo small/big wheel

    Thanks for that, all understood perfectly!
  3. Beta 80 evo small/big wheel

    My son got his first petrol trials bike 2 months ago, I was lucky enough to find a Beta Evo 80 SW. One month ago we had our bikes stolen from my garage, my Gas Gas and my sons Beta. My question that I'm hoping someone can help with is: I'm having real trouble finding another 2nd hand Beta Evo 80 SW. But, I do see quite a few BW's. Although he's too small for the BW yet is the only difference between a SW and a BW the rim sizes? If so does anyone know if I can just buy a BW and re-rim and spoke the wheels to a small wheel size until his legs grow a bit? Thanks in advance for any help. Dave
  4. Beta Rev 80 Junior and GAS GAS TXT 250 2008

    Thanks mate. No sign yet, but I'm still looking...
  5. Stolen from West Yorkshire this morning...I don't expect to see the GG again, but the Beta Rev 80 Junior is a rare bike. If anyone sees it please drop me a line on 07913514694. My Son is gutted. Many thanks, Dave