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  1. MAR engine strip

    Thanks Woody Predictably, having pulled it apart a little, it definitely needs new crank seals at least, the bottom end was covered in gear oil. So Id just as well go the whole hog. One more thing, the piston and bore are largely unmarked but it seems loose in the cylinder - Is that relatively normal? are they generally a bit piston-slappy? also, the conrod has next to no up and down play but is very sloppy left to right? is that to be expected too? Ta
  2. MAR engine strip

    Hi all, first time poster here... I have just bought a couple of Ossa's to have a go at duffers trials of some sort. I need to remove the RHS crank case half to get a little bit of welding done (very small and barely necessary, but I am a bit OCD with such things...) Anyway, I have a question. The manual seems to show that it is entirely possible to remove the RHS crankcase half whilst leaving/not disturbing the crank and gearbox shafts clutch and what have you in the LHS crankcase half, is this the case? Of course, as this engine is a complete unknown quantity and I have not bought it running I could find out that having split it i need to replace a shed load of stuff. We shall see. Thanks all