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  1. Water Pump Impeller Question

    ok guys thanks. I will swap it out. are the aluminum billet units of any value?
  2. Hey guys, Long time lurker here. Love the site as it has provided a lot of great info thanks! Question about my bike. I just did and overhaul on the waterpump on my 2012 raga, and have a question about the impeller. I had to press the assembly out to replace the seal and shaft, but I think I damaged about half the threads on the impeller being a monkey with it. I re-assembled, and I feel like there is still some good bite there. Until I get a replacement impeller, would I be foolish to run the bike? As the impeller is moving water, and the crank shaft doesn't spin very fast, I imagine there isn't a lot of force on the impeller. It felt pretty solid to me still. Should be good provided a to-spec fit and all the bits are where they should? Also, I used 10nM. does that sound right for torque? Thanks!