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  1. Got it... Thanks Lineaway. I'll do some sanding of the friction plates tomorrow.
  2. Hi Lineaway. In your earlier post on this thread you said ,It's the finger height that matters they should be between 17.5-18mm,could you clarify please. thanks
  3. I forgot to mention .The thickest friction plate was positioned to the outside of the stack,facing the clutch case cover, I've changed it to the inner most position ,
  4. This is what I found today when I had a look at the clutch... The clutch pack thickness is 9.85 which seems to be in the ballpark from what I understand. The finger height would appear to be off ; Measured several fingers, 15.33 15.23 15.21 14.75 14.27 15.05 etc does this mean I need new fingers? Any input would be very much appreciated . included a few pics of wear on underside of fingers.
  5. I assume my 2014 would not be considered as the latest clutch with the 3 adjustments? From what I'm learning here I think I will lighten up the pull with clutch pack thickness if possible, as I'm in the early stages of trying to learn the basic skills, as my skills improve(hopefully) and I want more agressive clutch I can adjust again . The ATF, I'm learning, is an interesting subject. I'm hearing that there are many very different opinions on the use of this stuff. Some say it's great others have told me if it has run with ATF don't buy it. At some point I think I'll just try it and see if I can notice any positive or negative differences .
  6. New to trials from canada

    Hi scifi.Thanks. Where I am in canmore ,alberta. there is not much for organized trials unfortunately. Myself and a freind are trying to learn some trials skills of the internet and dvd's such as Ryan young training video's. the 300 seems to be ok I would just like to lighten up the clutch a bit,which I've gotten some good information about on this forum. More bikes ,yea, that's allways a good thing.North Wales sounds like a great place to be a trials rider ,good for you. Thanks for the welcome. brian
  7. Hi d2w.I've used the rotella in dual sport bikes I've had and It seemed to work fine but I've been told by a few trials dealers now that I should not use synthetic oil in the trials bike,I geuss due to the heavy clutch usage. I take it you've been using it with no issues ?
  8. Thanks peter valuable information , I have heard of many riders using ATF ,for now I've got a few ltrs of 80w belray gearsaver. After getting more time under my belt riding I may try some different oil options.I will keep the ATF in mind ,Thanks again to all, this is very helpful in getting me on the right track,or maybe the way I'll be riding off the track completely ......
  9. Thanks to everyone for all the info,very helpful. I'm not to clear on how to measure the finger height. It looks like there was video on that at one point but no longer. Is it the plate thickness that adjusts the finger height or something else? Regarding the belville spring ,so I'm assuming that mine being the thinner of the two at 1.5mm it would be the easier to pull one vs the 1.7 stiffer correct?
  10. Hello,I'm new to the forum and trials,I've just purchased a 2014 txt pro 300 it has a stiff clutch compared to a txt raga 250 that I was able to try out this past winter.The 250 clutch was very effortless. I would like to make my 300 feel as good.I've researched some possible fixes ,measure clutch pack to make sure within spec,this is the first thing I will do. Does anyone know if the 250 comes with softer springs in the clutch ,if so is there any issue with installing a 250 kit in the 300. I'm a beginner in trials ,I have been riding for several yrs on dual sport bikes and figure it's time to learn some real skills. thanks for any input.
  11. Hello, I've just picked up a gasgas txt 300 pro,Would have liked 200-250cc but hard to find used and summer may be over by the time I find one,so ,diving head first so to speak.I look forward to learning lots on this forum. brian