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  1. Hi I just installed the float bowl extension and changed the main and pilot jet (to 140, 27.5), on my 07 Rev 3 250. I set the float height at 10mm per the instructions. It seems to run better, at least in the backyard, but I don't think I have things quite right yet. I'm sure that there is a link somewhere on this site that has more detailed instructions than I had (minimal), but I couldn't find it. Any help would be appreciated. Also, when I took the carb out, I noticed that the breather hose that runs on the pipe side of the carb was kinked shut. When I tried to unkink it I noticed that it was heat fused. This isn't "stock" is it? Thanks ken
  2. Hi I was wondering if anyone is using aftermarket plastic (or if its even available) on the rev3's. The stock plastic seems a bit fragile to say the least. I have managed to keep mine intact, but I know that total destruction is just a twist of the throttle away. Any input would be appreciated. Ken
  3. I have a 1985 TY 350 that needs rings and a piston ( maybe a cylinder too). Any tips, other than parting it out would be appreciated. I realize that yamaha no longer supports this bike. I'm just wondering what other creative individuals have done to keep them running. Thanks ken
  4. Thanks all, Good input. The 250 it is. Now I just need to get a price and a way to slip it by momma. I picked Beta based on reports that it was reliable and good quality. Are there any maintenance or reliability issues that you know of? All tips welcome.
  5. Thanks for the input. I was confused as to why Beta would offer two bikes with such a similar displacement. Its obvious that there must be something in the way the power comes on etc. My first thought was that the 250 would be plenty for an old coot like me, however without riding them side by side its hard to know. I hate to flip a coin when the darn things cost so much. Thanks again. I'm leaning toward the 250
  6. Hi All I'm thinking seriously about buying a new Beta 250 or 270. I'm new to modern trials bikes (i've ridden vintage trails bikes for years) and would appreciate any input on the differences between the two models as far as performance etc. I'm 48 years old weigh 200lbs and am a decent rider. Thanks
  7. Hi all, New guy from Calif. Been riding mostly dualsport and harescrambles, but have always loved to plonk on my vintage trials bikes. I am thinking about buying a 07 trials bike and am looking forward to some help, experiences, recomendations etc. Thanks in advance. Ken