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  1. Hi there, I'll mail you some pics now, but they're of a Mk2. The wheels do look smaller. I'll think you'll find it's all pretty much standard TY parts. The Mark 2 had a box section swinging arm, maybe that was to take the larger tyres / wheels ? The Mark 1 is standard TY80 with extensions on the end I think Regards Cubster
  2. Hi there, we had one of these, most of the parts are fairly easy to get hold of. If you are intent on keeping it original, start hunting for tyres now. The Pirellis originally fitted were special 20" front and 17" rear and difficult to find in useable condition as they haven't been made for years. There are Cheng Shin's available in 19"/17" but don't bother unless really stuck. It looks like you may need new rims anyway, may be worth considering going for full size 21" / 18". I know these fit on a Mark 2 but you may need to check the swinging arm clearance on Mark 1. Update your e-mail and I'll send you some pics Regards Cubster
  3. That's brilliant thanks to both of you. So the Techno 125 engine was the same as the Zero..... and they also put it in the first Rev 3's....makes sense. I am having trouble with the clutch sticking when stood for a week, and dragging a bit, so was going to fit Surflex plates, but did not know what on earth to buy. Guess it will be the ones for the Zero then (please tell me if I've understood wrong!) Thanks again Cubster
  4. Hi there, I would be grateful for any help in identifying the motor in my Rev3 125. It is a 2000 model, and was an early model which did not have the rev3 engine. I have been told variously it is a Gara engine or a Zero engine (maybe they are the same ?), but hopefully somebody with more knowledge of Beta's than me can help. You can see the brackets with the standard rev3 engine mounts. Pictures follow hopefully:- Many thanks Cubster