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  1. I tried to post a picture but I don't think it worked. It looks like I probably have an '87 The tank is white plastic, the seat pad is a blue rubber material. Tanks for the carb info guys. YEah, I cleaned the petcock really well, had to do it a couple of times. It seems like it's flowing pretty well now. I'm actually moving right now so I don't have anymore time to mess with it for a few weeks. I'm pretty sure it's the something in the carb itself still plugged up with the varnish goo. I'll really try and work all the vent lines next time I get it apart. Do you guys know anywhere that keeps these old, rare parts around? I talked to this guy: and he said he had a few things left.
  2. Peter, Excellent information. I have a PHBH, I'm pretty sure it's a 26mm. I read through the Dellorto motorcycle carburator tuning guide last night and I'm thinking it may be a clogged vent line to the float bowl. I'll check this and the other things you mentioned tonight. Any recommendations for places to get parts in the US? If the float needle is rubber-tipped, I'm sure it needs replacing. Thanks again! Aaron C.
  3. Hi, I just recently purchased a non-running TR-34 (still not sure if it's an '87 or '88) for $150US. It had been sitting under an open shed here in Florida for 4-5 years but apparently ran before putting it up. I cleaned all of the sludge out of the carb and petcock. I've always heard about gas turning to varnish but that's the first time I ever saw it! The bike starts and runs, but dies after 30-45 seconds. My neighbor says the float bowl isn't filling up. This makes sense to me and if that is the case I suspect the float needle. I thought I cleaned it up but it was in pretty bad shape. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Also, any recommended Idle speed and air screw settings for the Dellorto carb would help. I'm in the Southern US, avg temperatures 10-35 deg C. At 1.5 turns out on both, it seems to be doing OK for what little time it will run. I also saw some mention of converting to a Mikuni carb. Is this a good idea? If so, what size Mikuni and can you use the stock throttle cable and tube? Thanks for any help. Aaron C.