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  1. For Ayrshire enthusiasts : Just discovered that one of the finest offroad practice areas is now permanently closed (The Mauchline bing nr Ramsay agricultural) I was informed that due to the level of illegal activities (criminal) dumping and violence and abuse targeted at the owners of the access road - The police and part owners of the land (British Coal) have agreed to close access to the bing. Over the years, this bing had developed into one of the finest local (unofficial) offroad practice areas to be found. On any given Sunday you could find a mix of motocross, quad, trials, 4x4 enthusiasts etc. enjoying the 100% perfect site. This bing had everything. I won't even bother to list them. You can think of it - it was there. Admittedly the part owners of the site (British Coal) had attempted to section off the site. All those who used it were probably riding or driving a prohibited area, possibly illegally. However, due to the goodwill of the access owners and the low level of concern by British Coal; The site continued to be used responsibly and with minimal fuss by those who cared. However, increasingly over the last couple of years, numbers of scum and idiots were drawn to the area. The reports of violence, abuse and criminal activity I heard reported, could never be condoned. Once police presence became frequent, there could only be one outcome. So farewell then Mauchline bing. For anyone familiar with this area or who has previously used the bing. Please do not attempt to ride there or make any overtures whatsoever to the owners/access holders. This area is most emphatically CLOSED. Perhaps, some time down the road, it may be possible to organise a legal, fee paying, members only, club site. It's good enough to warrant that. But don't hold your breath.
  2. Hello; Been off my bike for a coupla years - ow! my knees - my back ! Was up at the Scottish and bought a new pair of Hebo's last year. Had to break them in.... Anyway, the auld Pinkie still runs but I've had a senior moment. I can't remember what the bloody mix is ! I thought 25:1 My mate reckons it's something daft like 30'ish :1 elsewhere on the 'net I've seen 50:1 mentioned. But the chainsaw runs 50:1 and I reckoned the Yam engine would need a damn sight more lubing than a chainsaw ! I don't remember ever using my chainsaw mix......So here I am. One thing is fer sure : I'm running too lean at 25:1 Whit a reek ! Mind you the pinky still runs fine on the nadgeries I was practicing on. Dunno if it would like to be opened right out in a third gear hillclimb though...... So i'm off to see if anyone has posted a mix for the TY250 - Thanks for the forums (fora?) Oh, If anyone needs it - I've got a sheet of paper with voltage readout's, timing spe'cs, reed valve clearances, CDI wiring guide etc.. Just no bloody mix ratio..... "why would I write it down, I'ts not like I'd forget....." Cheers ! Ha! I've just remembered ! it was 25ml to the litre which is erm..... 40:1 - though seems the general consensus is even that is too lean. (yes lean) (What a great forum discussing mixing ratios - I near wet myself ! )