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hen barn

2004 Sherco 290 Manual

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just brought a 2004 sherco and as this is my first bike i really need a basic owners manual. having problems with petrol and what type of oil do i use. i have tried sherco web site all there is is a page with not much detail how to and when to do things?

please help

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going back a couple of years ago you never used to get a user manual, you got a poster which had very little info on it but always a good picture though.

I think that you can(or used to be able to)download an in depth manual from the main sherco web-site. As for petrol, just use your normal unleaded or if you want you can use the performance unleaded and the oil i've always used Castrol TTS with a 50:1 ratio (100ml to 5 litres of fuel) or you can use Ipone. I've had new Shercos since 2000-2005, very good bike and have had no problems what so ever and i'm certainly not the "clean the bike thoroughly and maintain it after every trial man".

Hope this info helps you. :hyper:

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Use Octane 95+ and 80:1 fully synthetic (I use Shell Advance). And save yourself an exhaust de-coke in a years or so’s time. :hyper:

Best of balance.


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