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Weak Front Brake And Dragging Clutch

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Hi guys i'm new on here and to trials. I've just bought an aprilia 280 climber which to be fair is a great bike but i'm having abit of mither getting the front brake to really lock up properly. It has brand new pads and new dot 4 fluid with brembo lines but it has to be pumped up abit when i first go out on it until it starts working anything like it should. Also when i start the bike and put it in gear, the clutch drags slightly but then eases off as the engine heats up. Sorry for the long winded comment lol.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

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If you are pumping up, likely still air in system.Most bikes will drag when cold. As long as clutch plates ok, it could be down to oil type. Certain products are not ideal in trials clutch.

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