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Hello From Nz

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Hey all...

Just bought my first trials bike in 20 plus years.

A old 77 Montesa Cota 348, I intend to have a

go at a few twinshock trials events.. I done a bit of trials

way back when on a KT250 , but was more interested

in MX & enduro back then . The bodys got a bit old ,

I don't bounce like I use to...& I'm to slow now anyway...

So getting back into trials is a better option now..

I also have a 09 XT660R Enduro side car unit (will do when

I finish building it) & 05 XR250..

The Montesa in ok condiction apart from it's missing

the air box..

Pull it apart clean and polish the alloy up. Try and make

it look like something..Get it ready for summer.. like i need

another project..LOL.....



By petenz at 2012-06-22


By petenz at 2012-06-22

Edited by petenz

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