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  1. Jeez Dave, you turn up in the strangest of places.
  2. So there we have it. A Portus kit for the Cota 200. I seem to remember that Portus passed away quite recently. Ok, if you say so
  3. Yeah I deliberately left off the 25 and 50 'cause they're toys. Very desirable toys but still toys. I should have remembered the others
  4. Well that's a new one for me. The clutch cover looks like it's off a 307 or similar. Top end looks like a 200 but must be bored out. I imagine it was a kit. The 200 was a superb bike but, again,the gearbox is delicate. Apart from that it was very good with Nigel Birkett riding it with embarrassing success over Sandifords then #1 rider Malc Rathmell. Birks was told to cease and desist and give his team mate a chance. Biks didn't and was fired.
  5. Cota 233? Mont made a Cota 123, 172, 200, 242, 247, 348, 349, 350, 304, 306, 307, 309, 310, 312 (first with a Honda engine), 315 and a 4RT. But no 223 AFAIK. Did I miss any Dave? If you mean a 123 (see pic) be careful. They're a good bike but designed for school boys (as youth trials was then known). They have a ropey gearbox but the real killer is tyres. They are NOT available.
  6. S'pose you'd be used to high compression motors then.....
  7. If you have some hoppers, top class: must be able to hop to clean section. Intermediates: should be able clean without hopping but hopping could make section easier. Lowest grade. No hopping required. All traditional techniques. if you have ten sections per lap, winner should be capable of cleaning 6-8 sections per lap. Midfield should be able to clean 3-6 sections per lap and 1/2/3/5 the rest. Bottom of field should clean about 3 sections.
  8. On the other hand he clearly states that it uses 531 tubing. I doubt a Nigerian scammer would either know that or bother putting it in the description
  9. Trials bikes, because of their relatively high compression ratios, can be buggers to start. Dabster has a point, give the carb and ignition a going over and check to see if everything is in spec (timing, float height etc). To check whether it is the bike and not your technique get another Gasser rider (not your BIL) to try and start it. If he starts his own gasser without trouble and struggles starting yours it's probably the bike
  10. I like the "flat track" style.It's simple and elegant. Your Richie Foss has that cracking Norton.
  11. Gautrek, I think you're confusing the world championship with sport. It is not. It is business. Raga probably lost a considerable bonus as a result of a decision that went against him when he did exactly what Toni did.
  12. Mokwepa, nose wheelie turns are a piece of cake and can be moved up the order (certainly before hopping the front and rear).
  13. Good bike and both seem in reasonable condition for their age.
  14. Donor bike looks like it might be an Ulf Karlsson Replica.
  15. toofasttim

    Bash Plate

    At the time of the 159/199 Bultaco had an associated accessory company called Muira. Along the same lines that Hebo were associated with Gasser. Muira made a nice bash plate that would do the job. Getting one might be difficult but here's a pic to give you an idea:
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