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  1. Thanks for the help peeps.. I'm very good with the maintenance side of things being a mechanic and ex Grasstrack rider for 20 plus years. I think it is just getting the knack of it right :-) Thanks again..
  2. Thanks for the help, this is pretty much the way I have been starting it I just thought there might of been another trick to it :-) Thanks again..
  3. Thanks for the info. I should have mentioned I've been racing motorcycles for 20 years (2 strokes) and have never had any problems starting my bike but this gas gas is a right pain! My brother in law has one as well and his is exactly the same!
  4. Could someone please give me any advice on starting my 280 txt 03 gas gas? I've heard people saying that they can be a pain to start.. It can be so bad that I leave it running the whole trial sometimes!
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