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  1. If one bike was clearly better than all the others, then all the others would go out of business fairly quickly, because no one would buy them.
  2. To all Trials Masters out there - When you set up an amature trials event, how many points would you expect the winner of each class have at the end of a one day event? How many points would you expect the 3rd place rider to have? How many sections would be set up for each class? How many loops would be ridden? How many hours allowed in the event? Thanks! Dave
  3. I also have the '12 Econo 250. I believe the rear shock is different make than the '12 Pro model, from an earlier Pro model. Sweet bike!
  4. Nice! The bike should have come with those on it.
  5. Maybe I missed something here - Did you add flywheel weight because you don't like to use the clutch in a trials section? Or? I recently switched from an '02 GG 280 Edition to a 2012 GG 250 Econo (with a '12 engine). The stock engine/clutch/flywheel is working great. [Although the carb is set rich while I'm breaking it in, so it's not making full power yet.] Last Sunday, I placed first (which is rare for me lately), in the first event I've entered with it . And it was a slippery/wet/muddy event. Just asking...
  6. Nice table! Since I can buy Dexron III for a fraction of the price of Type F, I think I will switch to Dexron. It appears to have almost the same numbers on this list. My bike is new, so I'm changing the oil for each fuel tank full, for the first few tankfuls.
  7. I was wondering the same thing about my new 2012 Econo 250. It needs throttle to start, especially when the motor is warm. This seems very odd to me too. I also had to relearn kick starting (no more slapping at the kicker). My last bike was a '02 GG 280 Edition. The new bike is much easier to ride well in the sections. GG must have added a lot of lightness when they made it.
  8. Does anyone have a source for radiator guards for a newer GG 250? The sides of the radiator seem a bit exposed, and came dinged new.
  9. Yes, I really am having fun with this bike! It's so light and tight compared to my 10 year old GG. I am still breaking it in, and haven't had much time to ride it because I'm moving in 2 weeks, and I'm packing and tossing 22 years of stuff I've accumuated here.
  10. Yep, It came with Pirelli tyres. They seem to work quite well, so far. The rubber compound is slightly harder than the IRCs that I have on my other bike.
  11. I have a street bike that uses Shell Rotella® T6 5W-40, full synthetic motor oil, JASO MA spec. It's $20/gal at Walmart. I suppose that would work in the GG tranny/clutch. One dealer said Type F would work, and another said Silkollene synthetic transmission fluid or Maximum X1 would be better.
  12. My 2012 GG 250 Econo is coming on Wednesday... What is the recommended type transmission fluid for this bike? Also, its coming with Pirelli tires, which I am not familiar with. Any likes or dislikes about the Pirellis? I've heard that I should run 3 psi and 6 psi, rear and front. Thanks!
  13. Thanks. When I wrote "it bottomed", I really meant to say that the skid plate hits the log.
  14. I recently switched from vintage to modern trials, and recently bought a gently used GG 280 Edition 2002. Can anyone tell me what the correct sag should be on this bike? I ride Intermediate Class, weigh 170 lbs, and the current sag is 2" in front, and 3 1/4" rear. The bike seems to bottom out when riding over small 6" logs! Can anyone tell me the total rear wheel travel on this bike? Thanks.
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