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  1. Thank you for your reply!! I did have a go replying earlier but it got lost somewhere and i never found it again. What interests me is if you can help on this one is the muffler on the enduro bike is it the same as the trials version as I have five exhausts and most of them are different lengths I think they have been modified in some way or other. Could you let me know or give me a discription of what they are supposed to be as I may have to get a universal muffler and modify it somewhat to fit with some kind of welding or other to attach exhaust to the frame ... With this new synthetic 2 stroke oil (if you use that) what would be the proper mix do you think I have some Motol 2T 720 100% synthetic that can be used to mix, any idea of the ratio 40 to 1 maybe? Tyres I have a 400 x 19 rear enduro tyre (imported from the states with the bike) and not legal here may have to change tyres the others are 400 x 18! the 400 x 19 hits the rear chain guard so not so good. Will let you know when I get it to run as the neighbours wont be too happy especially at 7am in the morning (great fun)!! Do you have a picture of both of your enduros as I would be really pleased to see them together (need to see what goes where on my one ....) if you could that would be great! I have also just found out after changing engines just now that the trials footpegs are attached to the swinging arm bolt (making them higher) thought they were welded, so totally differing position from the enduro and every frame is different, the aluminium mudguard from one enduro will not fit another one as the shape at the back alters I have four frames 3 enduro and 1 trials and they are all at different angles sloping upwards so will have to buy another rear mudguard for my other bike, which could be fun. If you could be of any assistance with this one that would be awesome. Thank you.
  2. I have three enduro fames and five engines thought they were all six speed (five for trials)(six for enduro)? one trials frame fixed footpegs. none of the engines would spark have five engines but have fitted honda Cub C90 CDI unit to get more power and I have two engines sparking beautifully, Have not got any end mufflers for the exhaust system ... do you know where they can be sourced from that would be great!! I imported two of the bikes from the USA and i can tell you it is not good for the finances i got hit by customs they treat vintage bike parts as new here .... beautiful bike tho ... have lots of spares tho ... wont tell you how much tho. Can you tell me what 2 stroke mix to use ... and what size chain and how many links that would be helpful. can send you pictures as if you could send ones of your enduros that would be the business!! its new year and I have been down the pub so bit trollied at the moment,. thank you for your reply as most of the bikes over here are trials ones and no light!! You are riding one ... that is awesome. have been sourcing parts for three years now and the penton boys and others with the same engine have not been very helpful they seem to think that pathfiders are inferior in some way ... probably have most spares and pathfinder bits in UK but i have not ridden one yet they are supposed to be quick (revy) but need muffler parts any idea where I can get any from? modes44:aol.com if you can help thank you.
  3. Well the only difference between the trials engine and the enduro engine is on the stator plate, one has three wires (trials engine) and the other has five (enduro). None of them until this year would spark. This was due to not enough voltage coming from the coils. I tried replacing all the electrics with bits from other bikes all to no avail. then one of my electrical friends suggested using a CDI unit from a Honda Cub 90 as a replacement and two of my engines now spark beautifully!! these CDI units can be obtained from ebay for less than
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