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  1. grahamw

    Ossa Mar paint codes

    Lovely looking Mar that. Thanks for your help and some useful info. Mine is a fibreglass tank so I'll probably have the same carry on as you. I'm not sure who Alex snoop is or how I would get in touch with him on here.
  2. I'm about to undertake a full restoration of a Ossa Mar 250 1972 mk1 and I'm needing the paint codes for the white and green if anyone has them please.
  3. grahamw

    Ossa Mar 250 Oils?

    Hi everyone, Im on rebuilding my 1972 mar and im needing advice on oil types and amounts. I've replaced the fork seals and I need to know what type of fork oil to use and how much to put in each leg? Also Id like to change the gear oil does anyone know what oil to use and how much to put in? Thanks Graham.
  4. grahamw


    Thanks very much for your help.
  5. grahamw


    Hi my name is Graham, I have just recently bought an OSSA 250 plonker 1972 I have the log book and the frame and engine numbers match on the v5 but im struggling to find the frame number on the bike. Does anyone know where abouts on the frame it is or if its on a plate that may have been knocked off? I know the frame has been re-sprayed at some point. Thank you in advance. Graham
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