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  1. I wonder if anyone can offer some advice. I am going to get into trials locally and have bought I bike but have yet to get a trailer etc. However in the interim to get a little practice and training I fancy a trials experience day. I have done a little reseach and the following two look good. http://www.trials-sc...ing/info_4.html http://www.muddy-wheels.co.uk/ Ideally I would like some 1 2 1 training but not too worried about groups. I just wondered if anyone else had any experience of the two above or would recommend any others. I am based in Berkshire so ideally in the south/midlands would be best. Thanks!!!!
  2. Just a note to say hello Have bought myself a Gas Gas TXT 270 and am looking forward to find somewhere local to ride and maybe trial if I am brave enough! Just need a tow bar and a trailer and I am away! Anyone know anywhere you can ride in the berkshire area? Thanks
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