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  1. Hi, yes Old Knobblies but the one I bent is only a fraction shorter so 1 is being returned. Cyl head already has a decompressor but I am still struggling as it hasn't been running since 06/07
  2. Hopefully somebody has a full length kickstart lever to fit my SWM tl320, some years ago (20+ ) I replaced mine with I think one off an Aprilia TX/TXR/Climber which hit the footrest so with a bit of heat, well a lot of heat I bent it to match the original lever. I have dug it out from the dark corner of the garage to restore to a usable trials bike ( the joys of retirement) but with the problem of being 20+ years older & having short legs I cannot get it to start ! I have purchased a new one off of Ebay apparently for an SWM but the only part that will fit is the spline Knuckle part the lever is still too short & will fowl the footrest. Pictures are of the one I bent with the one supplied which is 1/2" longer than mine & the Gori full length one & the bent one on my SWM so you can see how short it is. Any help/ advice greatly appreciated, or has anyone successfully lengthened a kickstart? Rich Hall
  3. richhall

    spark loss

    thanks for reply matt dont suppose you have any pics of the climber fly wheeland windings and outer cover? half the fun of these bikes is improving them !! Rich
  4. richhall

    spark loss

    Hi all,new to this site and hope somebody can help. have a 1981/82 swm 240 whose spark keeps disappearing,have done the usual points condenser and stator coil behind flywheel,ignition coil and all associated wiring replaced with new items. the engine has had a few mods ported ,bored to 280cc barrel jacked and squish band altered to suit.flywheel skimmed as well so i am wondering if this is where the problem lies, if it is loosing its magnetism. has any one else had this problem? noted somebody has fitted an electronic ignition system to there swm(in this forum)does anybody have any more info on this?? also is the aprilia climber rotax engine electronic ignition?and would it fit this rotax?? the aprilia txr 311 deffo had points but a better clutch operation. hope some one can help Rich Hall
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