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  1. Bsa C15 With Electrexworld Ignition

    hi all thanks for the posts have been in touch with a mate who has a c15 he has removed the carb from his bike so i can try it on my bike if it performs the same going to have to say its the ignition,as for paint or powder coat was hand painted didnt want to spend the money on powder coat to ride off road and get scratched etc never painted the coil bracket so should have a good earth, but do think i will find a way to get a better earth as that idea sounds like a good idea, cheers chris
  2. hi all recently finished my project bsa c15 trials bike fitted with the above ignition system,all is well with the bike until it warms up then it develops a very bad misfire and loss of power,the engine has had complete overhaul the carb has been stripped and cleaned and all jets have been renewed just wondered if anybody has had any problems with these ignition systems as i am starting to think that the coil/cdi unit may be faulted. thanks chris