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  1. civic


    Cheers guys Just a shame you loose that lovely 2stroke smell lol
  2. civic


    I know that we should be useing super unleaded but i am wondering if Shell Opti-Max is OK?,, no other good garage close to me:-) Also is it normal for it to change the smell of the exhaust fumes totally. Cheers :-) R its a sherco 290...
  3. civic

    Hi To All

    Thanks for the replies,,it has put my mind at rest
  4. civic

    Hi To All

    Just a quick Hi to all members. No doubt i will be picking all your brains for advise etc due to me being new to all this. I have just purchased a 2002 Sherco 290 after being away from the motor bike scene for some time (used to do motrocross). I live in the whitley bay(Newcastle) area. My 14 year old son is keen to learn and join in the fun. Would appreciate any info on clubs or places to go for beginners. Just 1 question ,,,, do all sherco clutches not work when cold? cheers :-)
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