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  1. Hi Colin, Sadly i have no records of who purchased them originally,but yours is number 4 of 20.Alot were road registered like yours in 1981/82.I new Phil Basford well, but he has now sadly passed away,but i don't think he was the first owner of your bike.I started converting a BSA Tracker 175 Trail bike to trials in the late 70's as we were dealers for BSA.There was a few people developing Mono's in the late 70's,but iam pretty sure we were the first to do a proper Factory production run of Mono Shock trial bikes.If i can help more let me know. Regards Mick.
  2. Hi, Nice to see a picture of one again,and in good original condition with stickers still intact! Yes it was a Yamaha DT 175 engine with a big flywheel and a 'boost bottle' to improve bottom engine torque,and the exhaust was developed by W.E.S.The frame was a BSA Tracker modified,and was the first production mono shock trials bike.Ossa had played around with one with John Reynolds but as a prototype.I developed it with Burty Goodman of BSA,[formally Velocette]hence Chapman BSA.My Dad and i had a British bike shop in Evesham [Evesham Motorcycles] The rear end of the bike was fantastic,but the fork angle was a little to steep and could tuck under,but to sell it for under
  3. Hi Gary, I dont remember the that chap,to long ago!but they all had tank stickers with Evesham Motorcycles on the top.Hey if you decide sometime to sell it let me know. Regards Mick.
  4. Hi, Yes i built the Chapman BSA,and we made 20 production bikes and there were 3 prototype made.Yours frame no.will be0018.Let me know if i can help any more.Regards Mick Chapman.
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