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  1. After loosing AMA sanctioning,my local club wouldn`t allow me to use there areas... But this year I finally got my big break....Motoventures stepped up and was gonna allow me to host my 1st. AHRMA National....Layout....to be held on Saturday, the day before El Trial de Espania at same location....Local club would be hosting event same day at same location on there own sections.... With Sunday, we could have a fun trial on modern clubs sections from day before...2 trials for the price of 1, with El Trial as a great way to end the weekend(starts later Sunday afternoon)...might have even gotten some of the older pro`s to break out their old bikes and show us thier skills...! After repeated phone calls...I gave up.... Have a great supporting cast of riders willing to help me(SW AHRMA coordinator) out... This place is awesome...also 2012`s location for round 1 & 2 of N.A.T.C. National trials series....I`ve moved over to the TS class of N.A.T.C. and would love to see this class grow....Also been intrested in I.T.S.A. I love TRIALS and love my vintage bikes.....Sad to see A.H.R.M.A give up on trials....but they gave up on us before i gave up on them....
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