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  1. Hi, I am You Tube channel Sharetime1 (Jeff Layton). Big thanks for your great comments! The slow motion footage does really help with showing up technique & body positions, normal speed is too fast to show the subtle moves that are the key.
  2. Its the clubs new park & ride system Gary was checking out
  3. Video stills with links to HD videos on You Tube channel Sharetime1. Jotagas,Sherco,Ossa, Gas Gas,Beta,Montessa,Oset,Yamaha.
  4. Thanks very much for your comments! The clubs called Zona1 Trials Practice ground, Nettleton nr Cheltenham. Membership only,open 7 days a week.
  5. 2015 Beta Evo 125cc - Rider - Tom Culliford
  6. Cool! Thanks for the great comments & yes i will check out your channel
  7. Hi, I do not have a version without music at the moment, however i have found there are watchers who like music & many who do not. So i will edit many of the technique videos & only have the bikes engine sound. I will also put these into a new playlist on my channel so there easy to find. Hope this helps. Thanks for watching!
  8. I think the freeze frame shots do help to show body positions however the reverse footage i could leave out. Thanks for watching & your comments!
  9. Point taken! I try to play the music on the Slow mo clips as you cannot really here the engine then. Also 90% of my viewers keep asking for backing music,so its tricky. However i understand your comments & thanks for watching!
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