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  1. Hi, I have recently rebuilt my montesa forks which are fitted to a Francis Barnett for trials, everything seemed fine when i rebuilt the forks with new oil seals. The problem is one minute they are fine, compressing and returning in a smooth fashion then for no apparent reason they will only compress about half way with no return, I have studied the assembly drawing time and time again and I cannot understand what the problem is. Anyone any ideas? Nige
  2. Hello, can anyone help. I purchased a 1959 Scottish which needed rebuilding. One good point was that the wheels had been rebuilt with new rims and spokes. However when I fit them to the frame the rim does not sit in the middle of the stays whether it be on the front or the rear wheel, in both cases the edge of the rim is in line with the brake hubs. I have tried putting on extra spacers to correct the error but they do not compensate and the wheels still sits off centre of the stays. I believe when the wheels were rebuilt the off set was wrong? Can anyone advise what the off set should be, and or suggest where I might find this information? Thanks in advance. Nige
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