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  1. Thanks everybody for your replies. I've purchased a Honda CB750 K2 standard piston but It appears when measuring against my 125cc piston to be approx 1.7 mm higher from the gudgeon pin hole to the crown of the piston. Will this be okay or will it touch the valves ?
  2. Hi there, Im in the middle of doing a top end rebuild on my little TL I want to bore it out to a 150cc iv'e got the 124cc barrel just wondered if anyone knows what piston I can use and where I can get one from. Im based in the UK. Many Thanks
  3. Hi Tel, I've bought a tl125s 1976 (miller highboy(mk1). My carb is pretty knackered and was wondering if those carbs on ebay from china are any good and if they're correct venturi and jet sizes? They're are about £30 plus import charges -(no idea how much this would cost in total I live in England, There is another carb advertised on ebay from a dealer but it states a 1988 tl125 with a 18mm venturi my one seems to measure 21.5mm with the verniers. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, I have just bought a Honda TL125s the barrel is stamped with 124cc on it. I have a spare 122cc barrel and piston which has been bored out to 150cc (this came off an older Honda TL One piece Head) My question is will this fit? Many Thanks
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