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  1. I'm sooooo stupid........print it of, and send it off...........sorry folks.
  2. Cheers jon v8, I probally won't be at a trial, but have found a discarded 'Challenger' in the bushes at a farm I know. I thought joining the club would help me find out about spares and connections to do with renovation. Membership could help don't you think? Thanks.
  3. Hi, folks, I know I've left a post in( 'pre 65), but can't seem to find why I can't join the GRA on their website... nothing happens using their PDF. Can anyone help, or alert them to a problem? Thanks, Gary. FORGET THIS POST ,all sorted now!!!!!
  4. Hi,I'm struggling to join the GRA using their PDF, am I stupid (don't answer that), or is their a problem with their site? Thanks.
  5. Cheers, jon v8, thanks for the reply,i'll stick the split pin back in and forget it! As for the 4 speed,give me a pre-unit any day......better for an idiot like myself Cheers!
  6. Hi guys,first D14 build, can you answer what is probally a stupid question.Can I plug the hole in the l/hand inner crankcase where the split pin (no.60-2721) sits.I'm fitting electronic ign. Is it a breather hole/drainer i don't need any more? Sorry for my stupidy,it's not a villiers!!! THe 4 speed g/box was a b***er too! Thanks for help,
  7. garyhib

    Greeves ltd.

    Hi folks,are Greeves motorcycles ( Greevesracing@aol.com) still trading,'cause if they are, they're really hard to get in contact with.Any ideas????? Thanks Gary.
  8. Hi folks,just a quickie,does anyone know the correct spark plug for the marcelle conversion on a 32a?Many thanks.
  9. Hi all,Christian,the picture of Maurices barrel/head is the same as what i've picked up.The angles,spaceing, shape and height are spot on. Could yours be a 'Parkinson' or a DMW? I'm sure someone can tell you.All the best.
  10. Hi guys,i've now looked into the trailer load of bits and pieces i bought and i've now found a 932 concentric and what i believe is an old 'Jonny burns' Motox develoments barrel and two heads (350/360 c.c.?).So it looks like i have a bunch of pre '70 scrambling gear. Excuse my ignorance,but did i see in the press a fella trialing a big bore villiers? (was his first name Maurice?) I think i might try and stick it on top of a 32a in an old '62 dot frame i've got, and see what happens.(Any ideas about carbs and jetting and exhaust bore for that. Life's fun.many thanks.
  11. Hi guys (and gals?),does any one know what size amal concentric carb works best on a marcelle barrel (for trials).In the box of bits which it came with was a 930,with a 928/ 2 1/2 slide,is this in the right ball park? Thanks.
  12. Many thanks for the photo,I'm going to pass it on to Charlie's daughter so she can print it out.Thanks again.
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