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  1. Wow, just read all of this and watched all of your vids Mok, Absolutely great progress! I wish i had somewhere like you to train! I only get out properly once a week which in all fairness really isn't good enough!
  2. Well its time to clean the bike after the weekend practice! After that, i will come back online and see whats on the schedule for tonight's little practice session!
  3. Very nice, very helpful however i don't think i would be able to do the wall thing as of yet
  4. Oright, well that is what i am going to try tonight, i can do full lock both sides quite comfortably, should i move to a straight wheel right away or gradually get there??
  5. I have only got two videos on there as of yet but there is more to come!! I will post the two videos on here for you all to see!
  6. Hello there! I have just made a new channel over on YouTube, it would be great if you could come and check it out! Any feedback on the techniques would be great also! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAjuV2QXmCrHuNopYjXjHCQ
  7. I wish England has that weather, could get out and practice a hell of a lot more then!
  8. Haha, yeah could do with crashing correctly, just seem to get hurt But thanks again, going to try the figure 8's but not too sure i will be able to put the logs out but thanks again for the suggestion!
  9. Thanks for that jimmie, i think my balance needs a lot of work so could do with practicing that, do you have any tips for how to improve your balance?
  10. Okay, so because of my location it means i have to travel around 1 hour 30 mins to get to the closest training grounds which on an evening is to far so i was wondering is there anything i could do in my backyard to allow me to train on evenings as well as the weekends. Bare in mind my garden isn't too big so i couldn't setup a section or anything like that but some little things to try would be great!
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