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  1. hello I am looking a txr swimgarm, someone know of someone
  2. Thank you I have two Climber engine. The Climber swingarm it's posible convert to dual shock and fit into Swm frame ?
  3. I try This summer, can you help me?
  4. hello someone has used climber engine parts for motor SWM?
  5. caferacer

    Flywheel Pullers

    Becaus I don`t see they sent parts to Spain. I ask them about it
  6. caferacer

    Flywheel Pullers

    uf thanks¡¡¡¡
  7. caferacer

    Flywheel Pullers

    hello I have a swm tl 320 1981 . The flywheel puller is is M35 X 1.5mm?
  8. caferacer


    Hello I need buy a news shocks for my tl? which manufacturer recommendation : njb, magicals, hagon?
  9. caferacer


    thank you but I've seen others and has as a projection tube in the hole when I put the rear shock should be subjected fine without that ledge
  10. caferacer


    Hello I have a swingarm but it has two hole and this two hold are diferent that I see in another swingarm. Can I have problems? Thanks ¡¡¡
  11. hello someone has MAGICALS in his tl 320, that measure is 34 0 36?
  12. caferacer

    Doc Parti Recambi

    thanks I had seen but seems incomplete, missing page describing each piece numbered, I'm looking to learn as stockings screws holding the motor to the chassis for example thanks again
  13. caferacer

    Doc Parti Recambi

    hello I am restoring a swm tl 320. anyone has the doc parts of tl swm 320? (Catalogo parti de recambi) Thank you
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