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  1. yeah think there is one in january
  2. Yeah probably will have been me , see you part of Richmond club too
  3. Thanks , hopefully get another video filmed soon
  4. Thanks I hope so ; I will explain I will be getting a new helmet when I can afford one lol
  5. Sheep wash you can only ride on the drovers road if bike is road reg, this was taken from some private land I have permission on. Pretty good spot
  6. Hi, just a couple pics from our local practice area on my beta, new to motortrials so still pretty sketchy. Then some pics from rides on the push bike. thanks jamie.
  7. Yeah been into trouble a few times thanks for all the positive replies .
  8. Hi, this is a link to my last full video of me riding just before i got an ankle injury. Hopefully will be filming again as i have improved and loving time on the bike. Many thanks jamie
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