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  1. Thanks Bilko, as you say no carb info but still really useful. There's loads of good stuff in there so thanks for sharing. I 've only had the bike for a few weeks and still trying to find maintenance info!
  2. Does anybody know what the standard jetting and needle height are for a 2008 Scorpa sy250f with a Dellorto VHST pump carb?
  3. Just thought I would post the result of trying numerous combinations of clutch plates and springs on my 1982 SWM. I have fitted a surflex clutch plate kit in place of the standard SWM clutch plates. Through trial and error I have now got a really light clutch and no slippage in first three gears and very little slippage in 4th gear. So in terms of clutch plates, my stack starts off with three 1mm metal plates followed by 6 friction plates separated by five 1mm metal plates and one final metal plate of 1.5mm. I am running 4 mediium springs and have fitted a clutch lightener arm similar to the Jumbo underneath the tank. It's taken me two months to get the combination right so hopefully this post will help others in the future.
  4. Ha, mole grips and mallet are the most used tools in my toolbox!
  5. Thanks guys, and of course very sensible to move the condensor, I bought a new one at Telford last weekend so will fit it today. Just out of interest though how do you get the old one out of the plate? Cheers Chris
  6. A real noddy question I know but can someone tell me how to remove the condensor on my 1982 SWM 320? It looks like it is the original so has never been removed and it won't budge. I just can't see how it comes out of the mounting plate. Thanks Chris
  7. Thanks for all the advice guys. Martin you are right I have just checked the height of the stack and the Surflex comes up a lot shorter. I will need to add another surflex friction plate and metal plate to get it comparable. That will teach me for buying cheap! (I got the surflex for £30 from a friend, new still in the wrapping) I will reinstall tonight and see how it goes. I am still planning on using all six springs and ATF. Does anybody recommend a different oil? I hear PJ1 Clutch Tuner is supposed to be very good.
  8. Thanks B40, I checked the adjuster and everything seems fine. I' be got around 2 to 3mm of play at the arm. I am at a loss as to what to do, the springs seemed ok when I installed the new plates. Maybe I need to add another friction plate?
  9. I have just replaced the clutch plates in my 1982 SWM 320 with some new surflex plates. I am using 6 friction plates and 7 metal plates and have put all six medium springs back in the clutch basket. I am using ATF in the gearbox. However I need some help, the clutch is slipping like mad, even in 2nd gear and I can't figure out why. I must admit I was confused as to how many plates I should use as I have numerous clutch diagrams showing anywhere between 5 and 7 friction plates. Engaging the gears is really smooth with the new plates installed so what have I done wrong? Any help is appreciated. Cheers Chris
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