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  1. Stuart , Thanks for all the info it's been a big help . I do plan on keeping it all original on the restoration and ditching those plastic mudguards . Thanks again Lee
  2. Stuart, Ah I see . Perhaps these pics will shed some light on it ... Thanks Lee
  3. Dave, One thing thats strange is my frame rails dont go under the motor like other 74/75 models I've seen photos of . My down tube stops at the front where the bash plate bolts on . Is that correct ? Cheers Lee
  4. Ok thanks for that . What's the fuel / oil premix ratio ? Thanks Lee
  5. Hi again , Can anyone tell me what the fuel premix ratio should be and what oil to use in my gearbox please on my Bultaco 340 - 1974 / 75 ? Thanks Lee
  6. Ok great , thanks for your helps guys . Lee
  7. Hi there, I've just got hold of this beauty and I'm gonna restore it and compete in twin shock trials . Does anyone out there know what year it is roughly ? Frame no on steering head is JB-15100484 if that helps . I've just taken the top end off and I now know the motor is a 5 speed 350 . Any info greatly appreciated . Thanks Lee
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