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  1. A week after a -40 degree Celsius cold snap on the prairies in Canada, the Moto Trials Group of Alberta (check us out on Facebook) hosted a great two day event. Horse riding arenas make great trials venues during a cold Canadian winter.
  2. Not right near Barcelona but an easy two hour drive away, is Jordi Pascuet's training centre. Six Albertans (Canada), myself included had a 4 day course recently with Jordi and were treated like kings. Great instruction and great hospitality. Already planning our next trip, hopefully next March.
  3. Hey Brass, Have you checked out the ATRA website or Facebook page? Or perhaps closer to home the Moto Trials Riders Group of Alberta website or Facebook page? The Facebook page is probably best for watching people posting planned rides if they are going to Exshaw or Wildrose or elsewhere. We just finished 10 indoor rides through the winter (6 of those training and 4 free rides just north of Innisfail on Friday nights at a horse riding arena with our homemade obstacles. Six of us just returned from Jordi Pascuet's training centre in Spain (great teacher and all-round great guy and he and his sister Dolores treated our group from Canada extremely well). As well some of us plan on attending the Ryan Young's course again near Spokane, Washington during Labour Day long weekend. Check out the MTGA Facebook page for details and the You Tube Channel to see some of the Indoor and outdoor stuff from the last year. Peter Search for Moto Trials Riders Group of Alberta in Facebook or www.mototrialsalberta.com Alberta Trials Riders Association (ATRA) - Home of the sport ... You tube - mototrialsgroupalberta
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