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  1. Hello, sorry for delay in replying, had trouble with password. The situation is, Hitchcocks Motorcycles have acquired Jonny Britton’s Royal Enfield ISDT bike which for the ISDT had some leading link forks as per the Enfield scrambler pictured. Now has has different forks so trying to revert the bike back to ISDT spec. Thanks for your interest Richard
  2. Hello, the attached picture is of an Enfield Starmaker i am trying to identify the forks. I need some for the Johnny Britain works 1964 ISDT bike that Hitchcocks motorcycles have acquired. As far as we know they were made by Reynolds, most likely built by Ken Sprayson for the ISDT bike. He made some similar ones for Geoff Dukes Norton so few questions any idea where I can get a set ? we’re they used on any other trials/scrambles bikes ? any idea who could make a pair ? thanks Richard
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