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  1. Thank you for the insights. Declined the 250i and surprise a 2014 factory edition is being returned next week from another dealer which didn't sale. Done - 2014 factory edition. Back riding! $9.5kUS minus $3.5k for a highly used (+250hrs) 2012 280i with a worn clutch, and blown top end. $6.7k out the door!
  2. What I understand from the replies; is to wait till the next shipment of 300's (july for 2015's). The dealer suggested a "hotter" mapping and TPS adjustment and the 250i would react nearly identical to the 280i - true or false?
  3. I prefer the tight technical terrain. The dealer offered $4,000us for my '12 280i which needs the top end replaced. The 300 conversion was an additional $1,300 for an actual trade in of $5,300 US. I am starting to think replacing the top end to a 300 for $1,300 is my best option vs. $4,000+ for the new 250i which makes me think the power is lacking?
  4. I should also state I have been riding trials for 2 1/2yrs with the first bike being the 2012 280i.
  5. The big bloak I am - 250lbs. The shop in the US only has a 250i left available for 2015. Coming off a 2012 280i; should I have a concern with the new bike being under powered? My current track/ trail bikes are a 2012 300xc and a 2015 350exc six days. Lewisport says the power loss is minimal and most riders over seas prefer the 250's? Any experience with both the 250i and 280i power performance/ comparison would be greatly appreciated!!
  6. Not familiar with the term "lands". Are you suggesting pulling the top end cover, pull the piston, freeing the rings, cleaning the barrell and piston grooves and off we go??? I believe the shop will want to replace the entire top end $$$$.
  7. Is this a job for the shop (3hrs each way of travel) or should I purchase the shop took kit (flywheel puller)? The interweb only comes up with the part oversea's? Is there an on-line source for ossa parts or just lewisport? Also, what are the chances the TPS setting shifted somehow? Your advice is greatly appreciated!
  8. While riding, I washed out the front end turning up on a rock face. The bike slipped down and momentarily over revved the motor (as it has done numerous times). I pulled the clutch, picked up the bike and the bike died. I returned down slope and pop started the bike. Returning up hill I noticed the bike had a loss of power and would not idol with clutch fully engaged? Returning straight away to the garage, I noticed the bike was running a bit hot. After a cool down, I topped off the coolant with 100ml/ 3.3oz. (not sure how much it takes to fill from empty). The bike kicks through the same whether in gear or neutral and sounds/ feels like it wants to start. Any advice to diagnosis the problem(s) would be greatly appreciated. Yes, I have the easy start (4 AA's).
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