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  1. Thanks for that. I'll give him a go??
  2. Not wrong there. Could be the Bahamas when the rain stops?
  3. Hello from sunny Morar in the west of Scotland. I'm itching to get back into the trials and it seems like this is the place to be for all those technical questions. I've found lots of info on here already and it's great that so many people are happy to share their knowledge and experience. Recently I acquired a Beta TR34 Stripey and am in the process of getting her rideable. Hopefully I won't offend too many purists but I've fitted her with a set of Rev 3 yokes with gold Techno forks. The old forks have seen better days and the bits were there. I'm also thinking about putting the Techno swingarm on but there's a bit more fiddling to get the rear wheel fitting right. It's probably a long shot but I'd like to find an original silencer for her (the triangular-ish one). Also she's missing the bottom frame rails, a previous owner must have thought they were surplus to requirements. If anyone knows where I might find these bits that would be much appreciated. Hopefully won't be too long before we're back out in the mountains??. Cheers the noo, Rich
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