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  1. Steve. Yes. Arrived and managed to get it fitted over the weekend. Seems to be ok but it is pretty worn out as well. The top nuts are pretty loose so not sure how long they will last! Got me going for now tho. Thanks again for the help.
  2. Thanks Splatshop. Hopefully they will. I have clicked to be notified when back in stock on your website.
  3. Steve - legend! Thank you, I had looked on ebay a couple of times, that one must have just popped on - anyway, it isn't there any more, it will shortly be heading to me! Looks to be in better nic than mine! Thanks Tony, may have got my year a bit out but Splatshop are out of stock and wont ever get any back in, no longer made, I've been round the UK and US looking for one! The neck broke off mine so hopefully this is going to work better.
  4. Has anyone found a solution for the problem of replacement air box for early 290's. I have a 2001 290 and the airbox is in a pretty poor way and no one has any stock. Does anyone know where I might find one or if the 2005 box can be made to fit the 2001 frame? Thanks
  5. Been sat in a shed for a few years not really been used much. It ran 6 months ago but needs a bit of a make over. I don't think I have dragged it backwards down a road for a while..... Bought a chain link extractor yesterday!! Thanks for the tips tony27.
  6. Thank you faussy, really useful to know, my memory supports your thoughts! I think the person I bought it off updated some of the stickers so I am sure it is 2001. Noted re 2001 to 2005 parts though.
  7. Can anyone please tell me how to work out how old my 290 is? She needs work and in order that I get the right parts I need to know. I think it is around 2000 but just don't know for sure. Below are a couple of photos. Thanks in advance.
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