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  1. Thank you all. Just seems so strange that the entry list for these trials in the 60's often ran into the 100's, yet even getting down to something like issue 30 of ORRe not that much coverage or I've missed it? rabie, most of those clubs you list, where in the "thick of it" I seem to remember back in the day and thank you for taking time to list and link them. FVRDE, not been near the test track for years, I suspect long gone by now, if I'm in the area will take a look anyway.
  2. bulto

    Fuel Cap

    Has anybody found a suitable replacement for a SWM steel tanked Fuel cap/Petrol Cap? Any help gratefully received. P.S. I've asked Martin already.
  3. Back in the day, many trials where held on Army Estates in and around both Aldershot and Bordon. These venues and the trials, attracting hundreds of riders, yet finding any information/history on them (Talmag excluded), even in this information age is proving difficult to do. Has anybody got a potted history or can point me to a reference source to any of the trials, clubs, riders or photo’s of that era? Or even better still, post them on this site, with reminisces, photo’s etc.
  4. Is this frame strengthening normal on late 199B frame?
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