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  1. the question may be pre production kt250 models (500 made) versus what the true prototypes were.
  2. take some pictures and post them. You asked a good question.
  3. https://www.flickr.com/photos/49459292@N06/sets/72157623768020237/ confirms the shock screws and frame differences.
  4. No slotted screws holding on the shocks...
  5. The bottom triple tree of the pre-production models had the steering stop ground down. Also note the two bolts holding the key switch.
  6. More differences between the pre-mass production models and 00001-004?? Another air box shot, Horn mount has only one bolt, Swingarm has a bolt instead of a rubber plug in the oiler, and front brake arm.
  7. Right hand shifter spline sticking out. Airbox differences
  8. I think the preproduction prototypes were 350s. What I am calling prototypes are the early hand produced machines that were sold in the States. Some sample differences are below. The K instead of Kawi spelled out in the side covers, right hand shift spline in the clutch cover.
  9. Would love to document the KT250 prototype differences (frame numbers KT2-00001 to KT2-00499) to the production KT250 pieces, any interest here?
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