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  1. you are far too helpful, ha ha......make sure you try to use that word at least 3 times this week.?
  2. hey again and thank you AGAIN..... I concur that the bike probably has had the frame painted white and should have been red!I am not sure how to reply to individual responses to you guys so just want to say Thanks.I will try yambits and replacing those items in the carb..hopefully liven her up a bit. Am glad u liked experiential...hope it is a real word..?. great forum and great help.... cheers to you. both.
  3. Hi and thank you for your wisdom. I will go for the castrol power1 in both cases then and use these as my gauge and best starting point. it has only been used by me and my son last Friday as i have only had it a week...i found out it does not have an air filter in ......i know i am a prat for not checking first but at least it may be a reason for feeling a bit underpowered with a week mix. Thank you again for your experiential advice...i hope to use this bike for many years to come and it seems a very tame beast to learn to trial with.
  4. Brand new to trials at 52 yrs old, just bought gasgas 250 and a monoshock ty250 that came up cheap just after buying the gasser. Had my first play in a field on Good Friday courtesy of Edmcc..thank you Gloria...my son of 16 never ridden a motorbike before learned on the Ty with me alongside... great day out..Am truly bitten....such nice people out there too.
  5. Hi, i have recently purchased a ty250 with gold rims and white subframe with red fork sleeves.....from photos it looks like an 88 but the frame plate indicates probably an 85. frame plate 59N 001661. I suppose that the frame may have been resprayed/painted although the decals look original. The bike seems quite under powered from what i remember from 250s from my youth and seems to have many false neutrals...?. However i like it a lot. Am brand new to trials although have been riding 35 yrs....I understand it is 50-1 oil mix......?
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