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  1. Just got my own place last year mid terrece have to push bike through house to get to garden shed, this soon lost its appeal. Now most of the time it's just in frount of my fire place in the lounge. Working on it sooooooo much better in the warm (not hurt as much when slip and bash hand ) Girlfriend just moved in still not trying to change it YET!
  2. Thanks to you all for your help will hope to see a few of you there
  3. Hi all I'm new to the forums so hi all, i just got back into the sport last year after a 6 year lay off so glad to be back in the swing of things. Well i was at the east yorks two day last year and a couple of lads were talking of a french 4 day trial didn't catch all the conversation, so can anyone help answer a couple of questions? . . . When is the event? and How do i get Regs? Thanks for your help Jon
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