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  1. Canterbury competition sidecar

    Hi Bryn, I have done a drawing of my chassis with dimensions. The body is scaled from photos so may not be correct. I don't know if mine is a genuine trials, or just a modified road one. Hope this helps, John Canterbury Drg..pdf
  2. Canterbury competition sidecar

    Oops uploaded the sprung version, here is the ridged
  3. Canterbury competition sidecar

    These are pages from a Canterbury Parts List, not sure what date. Looks very much like your chassis.
  4. Canterbury competition sidecar

    Chassis looks like a Canterbury certainly. I will scan a page from the parts list,hopefully tomorrow, and upload it. If your dog is anything like Roadsters the poor old Bantam may struggle!
  5. Canterbury competition sidecar

    Thanks for your help. It looks as if your Canterbury has been modified quite a bit too. I have attached a picture of the standard version, and mine in it's present state.
  6. Canterbury competition sidecar

    Hi, does anyone have details of the construction of the 1950's Canterbury trials sidecar bodies. I have a chassis and want to build a body. I have quite a few pictures of the outside, clearly aluminium, but don't know if there is a ply or ash frame and floor. I would be grateful for any information, dimensions would be great. Thanks