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  1. Hi all, thanks very much for the replies. Issue solved now. The spokes we have are the same dimensions as those sold by the well-known Bultaco shop (there was a mix up on the dimensions they gave). After looking at a photo of a whole wheel assembly for sale on eBay, we saw that the wheel was laced with a 2-cross pattern on both sides. Lacing this way brought the offset on the rear wheel right back to where it should be. It's all built back up now, and no issues. The front wheel is however still offset to the non-brake side. It's laced 3-cross both sides. It needs to come about 15mm across.I'm not sure if we can pull the offset by retensioning the spokes, or if it's perhaps worth trying re-lacing with a 2-cross pattern on the non-brake side. We've fitted a new Mikuni carb at the same time, and it's made such a difference. Choke on, one kick, a wiff of throttle and it's running. With the Bing fitted, it would be all sorted of combinations of kicking, choke on, choke off, throttle, no throttle etc etc. It has been satisfying tackling one job at a time and feeling the bike improve with every step. Thanks again, Tom
  2. Just to update this, the longer spokes for the rear wheel on my bike are around 202mm, having spoken to Pete from the well known website, the spokes they sell are 282mm. That should account for the offset I need to put on the wheel!
  3. We've got the rear wheel on the bench, and have removed the tyre. We have re-spoked the wheel, but it is quite obvious that the spokes for the non-brake side are not long enough to get the offset any where near the values bondy has posted. I have the non-brake side spokes barely threaded, and the offset is roughly: Brake side - 54 Non-brake side - 20 Would anybody be able to advise what to do next? Has anybody been able to source longer spokes? I see that Inmotion just stock for the front wheel of a Bultaco, Thanks, Tom
  4. Wow, thanks very much for all the replies. We will have a go at tackling this this weekend. Thanks again, Tom
  5. Hi there, I have recently bought a 199A, and whilst cosmetically it is very good, mechanically it has some issues. This is my first Bultaco, so some help would be much appreciated. There seems to be some funny goings on relating to the wheels. They seem to both be offset in the forks/swingarm. Is this normal or something more sinister afoot? The rear wheel rubs the swing arm unless adjusted out quite drastically. I am wondering if the hubs are from a larger bike etc. I am hopefully attaching some photos that will show the issue I'm having. Your advice is much appreciated, Thanks
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