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  1. husky2

    Mar rear brake axle

    Rebuilding a Mar and need to fit the nylon bushes. Unfortunately these were not in the box of bits. Does anyone no where to get these (not interested in the 70 dollar ones). Or alternative solution or even dimensions so I get them machined up. any help welcome. thanks
  2. Hi Stan Thanks for coming back to me. Sorry dont have the opportunity to photo the bike just yet. But I can advise that the engine number and frame numbers match. The engine has an IRZ carb which is a stub fitting.The outside fins of the head are not split which I have read both those things would indicate a MAR MK2? But whilst the bike has no lighting wiring that is apparent and no head or tail light. It does have some wire headlamp supports with a coil twisted at the top and bottom around the fork stanchions between the head yokes (rhe pair of wire brackets match and appear to be factory manufactured). I have seen photo of these brackets on a a TR77? I have heard of bitsers but this one has me stumped. Hope the above helps in the absence of photos at the present time Thanks Bob
  3. Hi everyone. I have no idea what I have got and would like some help. I have picked up an old Ossa in the UK. It has a frame number of B630024. Have trawled through the various frame identification lists Is it a TR77? Any help or advice very welcome. Regards
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