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  1. Didn't realise it was so big, that's brilliant then mate thank you for that. Definitely planning on trying bumpy out but will give the other one a try too. (A different location to fall off at and a change of scenery will be Nice). Can't believe how much fun and time you can have for £10 or £15. It's only the price of a few pints or 1 bet at the bookies for all day it's great. ( just wish I was better at it ha ha).
  2. I think I might try and get to bumpy then a couple of times 1st then. Is there a better time or day when it's quieter for someone like me who's new to it or is it big enough for me not to be in the way or holding anyone up?
  3. Do you need to be at a certain standard or can anyone just go? I'm not very good at all and my mate has just got a bike and could do with some practise too.
  4. Do you need to be at a certain standard or can anyone just go? I'm not very good at all and my mate has just got a bike and could do with some practise too.
  5. Brilliant, thank you for that. Got me abit worried with the if you are who I think you are though lol. Small world by the sounds of it.
  6. Thanks for that mate. I agree with what your saying I really should have got a 125 but I rushed in and got the best looking newest condition bike that I could afford and just went for. I've put a slow action throttle on it just to tame it a little. Although I'm new to the sport I love it already and am already planning on getting out as much as I can. Although juggling my job, a wife, 3 kids and my wife's business it's not easy to get out that much.
  7. I've always taken an interest in off road motorbikes in particular trials bikes and am so glad I've taken the plunge. I went to a trial recently and gave it a go. I loved it even on the easy route and everyone I met were brilliant. Personally I'd like to get more practice in before I do another 1 cause I felt out of my depth at times. Brilliant that you've got the bike you've always wanted mate. Give a trial ago you might just surprise yourself.
  8. Thanks a lot mate sorry to hear about your mum too. I've jumped straight in with both feet and bought an 07 sherco 290. What you got?
  9. Just decided to buy a bike and try my hand at something I've always loved the look of. Didn't realise how hard it actually is but after a couple of rides am loving trying. Cancer took my mum last year so kicked me up the a*** to give it ago. So just a quick hello to everyone on here.
  10. Hi can anyone offer any advice please? The threads have gone on my fuel tank, (virtually worn away at the bottom for some unknown reason?) Ive looked into buying a new tank but at £175 the cheapest i can find am reluctant to pay out for it. Getting by with ptfe tape on my cap but would prefer it sorted. Anyone know if it's possible to sleeve it and fit a new 1? Thanks in advance any advice will be much appreciated.
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