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  1. Thanks Slip_Kid, what a wealth of info. I thank you.
  2. croatan

    TL125 Backfire

    I remember a big bore 150 honda single that backfired thru the carb being extremely lean. a 105 jet in the Kehin and new springs for the advance mechanism fixed it. What is the static timing are all the marks lining up? If they are right then set the dynamic checking advance mechanism with a timing light at 3/4 throttle to see if it advancing too far. The advance springs could be weak. Disclaimer: Your bike maybe different than those of my experience.
  3. The CG engine was preferred due to gearing. consult for more info http://www.kaila.net/tl125/ A TLR200 engine will fit where a TL125 engine will fit. The decompressor hump (activated by kick start) on the left side center case will be the determining factor if it will fit your frame. The TLR200 engine has a wider jump in gearing from 1st to 2nd than the CG. So nearly all single cylinder 2 valve honda motors 100cc to 200cc will fit where a CG was. Maybe some one can speak to the more modern engines like crf230 with electric start. A 150cc big bore TL motor was common in those frames, a Honda dealership in Raleigh sold them special order back in 1975-1976.
  4. Scroll down to the yoke set about 3/4's of the page, down. I am looking at the swap of a '97 Beta techno 38mm fork and complete yokes, on to my '86 Reflex http://www.thetwinshockshop.co.uk/parts.php
  5. BashPlate did you also do the airbox and exhaust? I bought a kit from mid-atlantictrials with the OKO 24 mm, air cleaner and throttle/cable. Next will be the exhaust to get it free flowing. Tim Washington NC USA
  6. One says 21 mm to limit the off idle cough, next authority says go 24mm to stop the off idle cough. On the two hundred cc series of motors based on the xr200 motor (including the TLR 200 Reflex) do we increase or decrease the size of the carb? Mid AtlanticTrails offers a bigger 24mm OKO Kit Jim Ellis, (CVOTC) said he went smaller, 21mm on his TLR's for club level, twin shock riding. My stock Kehlin 22mm 660c needs replacing or rebuilding. I'd like a smoother throttle response, more controllable power in the lower - mid rpm ranges, for club riding I'd like to know which way to go before I let he $$$$ flow for new parts. Thanks, Tim
  7. Thank you, Section One that worked great.
  8. http://www.trialscentral.com/forums/topic/36986-tlr-200-performance-mods-what-works-and-what-is-just-bling/ I get a 404 error or dead link message. I would like to read the thread. Can a kind soul point me to where it now lives or share a copy if you saved it to your hard drive? Thanks a Million, Tim
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