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  1. Unfortunately I don’t do Facebook. Lol. Might have to reconsider. Thanks for the response. I will check with them. Thank you
  2. Thanks for all the info. I’ve talked to Bob a couple of times and he has been very helpful.
  3. I used to ride trials and enduro bikes in the early 70’s and have had street bikes until about 4 years ago. I thought I might get back into riding trials bikes again. I was hoping to ride a bike before purchasing but that has proved hard to arrange. Ride the vibe has cancelled it’s schools at Ioco and Popkum is open only on weekends. I have attended a couple of trials at Ioco but was unable to take their course due to lack of a bike. If anyone knows where I can get a test ride I’d be grateful for the information. I intend on joining the club I am also wondering if there are any other places to ride nearer to White Rock than Ioco. What brand of bike has the easiest parts and servicing in the lower mainland. I’m sure I’ll have more questions as my quest continues. Thank you Roy
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